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SPM is open to all students enrolled in a major in the College of Engineering. You must be an undergraduate student in good standing and have a positive attitude. Peer mentor interviews start in January each year. If accepted, you will be required to attend a minimum of 12 hours of leadership training in the spring semester, including an overnight retreat. Paid opportunities for active members include working the Encounter Engineering freshmen bridge camp, mentoring students in introductory courses and K-12 robotics teams, as well as serving as engineering supplemental instructors and working in the STEP office.

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Visit this link to complete our online application form.

We will get in touch to schedule an interview, so we can get to know you — and you can get to know more about us. The dress code is business casual, and please bring your resume and transcript(optional).

Feel free to contact us regarding the interview, current opportunities, or for any question you may have. OR come to one of our meetings and meet some mentors! 🙂