Current Mentors

Hey fellow peer mentor! 🙂 Here are a few reminders/guidelines to remain an active member.

Point System

Society of Peer Mentor members must obtain 20 points for a full calendar year (March to March) with 4 points coming from outreach events to remain active. Officers and other committee chair members must obtain 25 points to be considered a position. The point system is as follows:

Leadership Trainings: 4 points each

Meetings: 2 points each

Outreach: 1 point each if lasting less than 4 hours, 2 points if longer (multiple shifts of the same event count as one outreach)

Outreach suggestions: 2 points each

E^2 Camp: 4 points

Freshmen Classes: 4 points for a full semester, 2 points for ENGR 1050

Office Work: 2 points for a full semester, 1 for the summer

Supplemental Instruction: 4 points for a full semester, 2 for the summer

Robotics: 4 points for a full semester, a maximum of 4 points from competitions can be earned per semester

Miscellaneous: Any other opportunities for earning points will be communicated via email!

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Congratulations to our mentors of the month during the 2016-17 academic year!